DOCNZ Members

Good Buggers

Not legal stuff, GOOD BUGGER stuff so just as important – Ducati Owners Club NZ (DOCNZ)

Your responsibilities as a DOCNZ Good Bugger

Amongst the vital elements in DOCNZ’s success are its members, and general good buggers. Because of this we expect members to behave in general good buggery style!

Responsibilities include:

  • Not doing dumb unsafe sh!t, keep the safety of you and others top of mind
  • Encourage DOCNZer’s and others – don’t be a wet blanket!
  • Give credit where credit’s due. Nominate good buggers. An accolade awarded to the top Good Bugger of the year at NDR
  • Look out for each other! As if we need to be told
  • Keep your membership up to date if you want to continue using DOCNZ perks – don’t be a dick and continue using them if you decide to leave the club.

Thank you for making this community as awesome as it is, and for investing with your time, energy and passion for now and for the future of DOCNZ.

You keep us REVVIN’!

Have Questions?

No problems – get in touch and we’ll happily help you out!

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