Nelson DOC Club Night





Nelson DOC Club Night


Join Nick on the first Tuesday of every month for the  Nelson DOC club meeting.


07th FEBRUARY – 7.30pm at The Speights Ale House


Food and beverage available on site at your cost

Meeting Director

Nick: 027 448 0465

Speight's Ale House, Nelson

Group Riding Guidelines:

You are responsible for your own riding!

  • No need to keep up as someone will be waiting at every turning intersection (if noone there, keep following the road)
  • Ride in group formation (ask if you do not know what this is)
  • Ride your own ride; it’s NOT A RACE
  • Don’t be a dick! Don’t cut corners! Be considerate and safe when overtaking!
  • Tell the ride leader if you’re leaving the ride so we don’t come looking for you!
  • Ride leaders phone number is on the event notice if needed
  • Know who ‘tail-end-Charlie’ is
  • Obey laws and use caution when riding
  • Ensure your bike is road legal and obey laws


I accept that by joining this event that I attend at my own risk and am responsible for my own actions and that of my pillion/companion(s); and hereby release, waive, discharge and hold blameless “Ducati Owners Club of New Zealand”, including but not limited to owners, organizers, affiliates or administrators and all persons, entities and contractors connected to “DOCNZ” from any and all liability for death, disability, personal injury (including mental injury), property damage, property theft, loss of personal equipment. I also consent to the use of any photos I appear in to be used for DOCNZ and Ducati marketing activities.

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