Wheels of Art





Wheels of Art


Let’s RIDE people!

BOP Ducati crew are on an Art Run.

This is an open ride, all bikes welcome.

BOP, Auckland & Waikato riders meet us in Paeroa, ride through to Te Aroha and meet Adrian Worsley for a private tour through his art gallery.

Amazing metal art from scrap that will blow you away.   Adrian who is born &  bred Te Aroha is also an avid rider and is pleased to be able to host the Ducati club.

Be fuelled up and ready to GO!

– 8.30am  BOP Riders meet at Z Bethlehem – Stands up at 8.45am

– 10.00am Auck / Waikato riders meet us at Paeroa L&P carpark

– 10.15am  depart for Te Aroha

Lunch & a quick refreshment at the Palace Hotel (1 min ride from the Gallery) after the gallery tour, homeward bound from there.

Keep a lookout, any changes will be posted here and to FB events


$10 per person on entry to Gallery

Ride Director

Nita  Phone: 021 257 1417


Te Aroha



Group Riding Guidelines:

Ride in group formation

Be responsible for the rider behind you!
– ENSURE they SEE YOU TURN (if turning at an intersection).  Stop and wait for them if necessary (you will now be the marker)
– If there’s no marker keep following the road, everyone is to follow this rule so no one will get lost!

  • We will regroup periodically
  • Ride your own ride; it’s NOT A RACE
  • Don’t be a dick! Be considerate and safe when overtaking.
  • Know who ‘tail-end-Charlie’ is.
  • If leaving the ride tell someone so no one comes looking for you! (ensure no-one follows you!)
  • Obey all laws and use caution at all times.
  • Ensure your bike is road legal, and obey laws.


I accept that by joining this event that I ride at my own risk and am responsible for my own actions and that of my pillion; and hereby release, waive, discharge and hold blameless “Ducati Owners Club of New Zealand”, including but not limited to owners, organizers, affiliates or administrators and all persons, entities and contractors connected to “DOCNZ” from any and all liability for death, disability, personal injury (including mental injury), property damage, property theft, loss of personal equipment.

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