Our People:

DOCNZ Committee Members

Ange Richardson

Club President

About Ange

Meet the girl that always dreamt of doing the perfect wheel stand, just like the show-off stranger wheely’ing up a storm in front of her all those years ago!  

Although her career as a stunt rider never eventuated, Ange’s passion for motorcycles did.  Her enthusiasm for motorcycling and motorcycling people is immense, and she’s always keen to learn more, and hone her skills in this amazingly diverse and complex interest we all share.

With a knack for uniting communities through a spirit of camaraderie and integrity, Ange loves nothing more than having a great laugh with old or new mates … preferably on a bike en route via twisty and windy roads. 

In her spare time, you’ll find Ange working on official DOCNZ business, dreaming up big ideas for the club, riding her treasured Panigale, or shoe shopping. “I am a girl after all!” she says.

Darryl Smith

Vice President & Auckland Ride Director

About Darryl
Darryl was spurred on from a young age by his father. He was a life-long motorcycle enthusiast, and his passion soon became Darryl’s.
Darryl’s love affair with Ducati began with a Monster 1000S, and he progressed through the sports bike models (848, 848EVO, 899) culminating in the 1299 Panigale complete with a full Akrapovič exhaust system… that sound!
Looking for more comfort without compromising handling, he’s now moved on to the 1260 Pikes Peak Multistrada, which he tells us is one hell of a bike.
Some of Darryl’s biggest motorcycling highlights include amazing trips of the South Island, NZ, enjoying MotoGP live at Sachsenring – where he got to meet his racing hero and legend, Marc Marquez! And fulfilling the dream of riding a Ducati to the Mugello MotoGP to witness Danilo and Andrea clinch 1st and 3rd spots in 2019. All while cheering and celebrating with many other fanatics in the Ducati stand! More highlights include being immersed in the spectacular atmosphere of World Ducati Week at Misano Circuit, as well as riding through Tuscany, Italy on a range of Ducati’s. And of course tours of both the Ducati factory and museum in Bologna where he met Claudio Domenicali. EPIC!
Passionate about the Ducati brand, Darryl is committed to supporting DOCNZ and the Ducati family as VP and Auckland’s Ride Director.

Nita Maaka

Online Content Manager

About Nita

Nita’s addiction for all things motorbikes began at age 15, with her first ride on a Suzuki 90 along Himatangi Beach.

Her infatuation meant sampling everything from motocross and speedway solos, to bucket racing and sidecar swinging. If it had a connection to motorcycles, she’d give it a go.

Nita’s first Ducati came in 1997 – a 750SS bought from old man Haldane. And with that, her obsession with Ducati was born.

Now on her 8th Ducati, Nita rides a 1299S Panigale. “The most photographed bike I’d ever owned,” we’ve heard her say.

Nita’s most memorable Ducati moment came during 5 weeks of backpacking around Italy – the highlight being World Ducati Week, where she recalls the excitement of being in a sea of red!

As our Online Content Manager, Nita brings a wealth of experience, and was instrumental in bringing this site to life with a slick new look and better functionality. 

When not on her 1299S, Nita loves to ride her husband’s Harley Dyna Low rider S. Her dirty little riding secret, she reckons it brings out the wild child in her – and we’d have to agree.

Zandra Nicholson

Club Secretary


An avid motorcycle lover, Zandra has ridden motorcycles of all types and sizes since she was 10 years old. She’s spent most of her life around motorcycles, from learning to ride on the good ole farm bike, ripping up the paddocks, to motocross racing on her KX80, and a spot of enduro racing on her CRX125. 

Having pillioned the length and breadth of New Zealand, and six weeks touring the roads of USA on the back of a Harley Road King, Zandra eventually put her big girl pants on and purchased her first motorcycle, a CBR1000R while living in the Middle East…. but her real love has always been to own a Ducati Monster.

Back in New Zealand, that day finally came in 2018 when she got her Ducati Monster 659 and joined the DOCNZ family. Since then, every given opportunity is spent riding the sweeping roads of NZ… although the plan for upgrade is already in place. All eyes are on the M1200S – watch this space!

As DOCNZ Club Secretary, Zandra brings a wealth of experience having spent many years as a personal assistant, executive secretary, and now as a savvy project manager. She’s already got her process mapping finger on the pulse, her analytical brain in the code, and her infectious personality on the job! Wahoo!

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