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Returns Policy

We know that our merch, event tickets and memberships are the best, but sometimes things may not always go to plan. A neighbouring country might invade, a local dictator might ban motorcycles, or you just might regret spending your last dollar in a frenzied online shopping spree.

Return & Refund Requests

Just contact us via the Contact Page and we’ll solve your problems. That’s it.

Some common issues

“I changed my mind”

Is the mortgage payment late and you spent your last dollar at docnz.co.nz?

  • Merch – if you notify us before we place your order with the supplier, no worries you can withdraw your purchase
  • Events – if you notify us before any cut off dates in relation to the event, no worries you can contact us for a refund
  • Memberships – contact us to see how much you’re entitled to depending on when you cancel your membership

In any case reach out, we’re good buggers, we’ll see what we can do.

“This is not what I ordered”

We don’t sell too many items, tickets, or memberships, so this is rarely an issue. Of course, there is always the possibility that we get stupid and send spicy Doritos to all. Just contact us and we’ll sort it.

“The item never arrived”

Oh, the gremlins did it again, huh? Or maybe the mailman wanted cool merch. Well in that case we’ll check it out with the shipping company and solve the problem.

“We stuffed up”

This doesn’t happen very often. If there is anything wrong with the merch, ticket or membership, our guarantee will cover it. Otherwise, you are on your own.


All our merch has a full 30-day guarantee covering pretty much everything, except your own stuff ups. If you can prove that there was a defect existing right from the delivery, we’ll cover it. You are responsible for the costs of return shipping. This is cruel, but as a non-profit club we cannot afford it otherwise. Maybe at some point we’ll change this policy. With any problems, reach out to us.

Contact information

For queries and to check our physical address for returns, or to send as surprise gifts such as carbon fibre motorcycle accessories, email: secretary@docnz.co.nz.

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